Hey Clevelanders!

This Saturday is one of our favorite monthly Cleveland events – The Cleveland Flea! We hope to showcase at the event in the future as our business grows, but for now we gladly support other Cleveland artists and handmade good makers as shoppers.

Conveniently, the location of this month’s pop-up show is in Tyler Village (Superior / East 36th St) – the same complex as Michael’s (my lovely So CLE Tees partner) recording studio, Ante Up Studios.  The studio is in the process of moving locations, but for Saturday only – we’ll have t-shirts on site for your convenience (no shipping fees!).  If you’re looking to purchase audio equipment, few remains but stop by, say hello and feel free to peruse!  Need to contact us Saturday?  Just call us at 732-806-7594 or email info@socletees.com.

Shop the Flea then stop on over – we’re literally just across the street!  Just look for the big red doors.  

Ante Up Studios – 1374 East 36th St. 

Flea Map

Superior Sign Tyler Village