If you’re reading this, we thank you for visiting SoCLETees.com and checking out our products. Our t-shirt business has been dreamed up/brainstormed/discussed/considered – whatever term you choose – over the last year and a half and has really come together within the last few months. Here today – April 1, 2014 – we launch. We did it!

kimmichael_400pxMy name is Kim. I’m a graphic designer working on the east side, living on the west side and enjoying the best of both. Born and raised in a Cleveland suburb, I never imagined I would come to love the city as much as I do. I always thought I might move out of Ohio after college, but after getting out and seeing what Cleveland really has to offer, I can’t imagine leaving -and it’s only getting bigger, better!

It’s incredible, the changes we’re seeing in this city. My goal is to offer t-shirts that highlight Cleveland and its diverse and eclectic events, neighborhoods, landmarks and history – sharing an “Insider Cleveland” perspective through my designs.

I can’t take all the credit though, as the business wouldn’t have come together as smoothly without the support, drive, expertise and motivation from my significant other Michael. He’s known Cleveland for 9 years longer then I have and couldn’t be a bigger advocate and supporter of the city he’s proud to call home. Together, we form So CLE Tees.

We are beyond excited to launch our very first t-shirt just in time for Dyngus Day – one of my favorite annual events. We hope you enjoy it and sport it proudly. In fact – we’d love to hear what you think! Send us pictures in your tshirt. We want to know our fans, see your faces. Let’s be friends! Together, we are the future of Cleveland.

So that being said …

Hi, Hello, Howdy – Nice to Meet You. We are So CLE Tees.