I am a graphic designer in Cleveland, Ohio currently working for Meister Media Worldwide, a media company located in Willoughby.  Meister has given me the reigns as brand liason for multiple B2B brands, both global and international.  Over the course of my seven years at Meister, I have left my creative footprint on magazines, print ads, websites, events, logos, marketing collateral, presentations, infographics, photo shoots and more.


Outside of the specialty agriculture world, freelance projects have allowed me to work with city organizations, business start-ups, musicians, and non-profit organizations to create an array of logos, websites, business cards, flyers and ads.

Kim at OU

My journey started at Ohio University, where I received my Bachelor of Science in Visual Communications, with a specialization in Publication Design / Informational Graphics.  Having interests extending beyond print design alone, I was able to complete a minor in Art and Journalism/Marketing while taking additional coursework in web design.


During my college career, I became heavily involved in student activities and took leadership roles in multiple student organizations.  Additionally, I took up an on campus job designing the front page of the Ohio University student run newspaper.  I kept busy during the summers as well, completing three internships in graphic design, marketing and public relations roles during my college career.

Me Mexico

Outside of the corporate world, you will find me out and about around Cleveland selling my Cleveland-centric clothing thru my side company, So CLE Tees.  Growing up in the suburbs, I couldn’t have ever imagined I would grow to the love Cleveland as much as I do today and love that I have given myself the opportunity to share my pride and artistic abilities in the apparel world.


Other interests include attending concerts and music festivals, traveling to new cities, trying out new breweries, dancing, surrounding myself with other creatives, taking more photos then one would ever need, and exploring Cleveland.